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Buyers’ or Sellers’ Market in the Carolinas?

Buy Sell Scale_Can StockWhat exactly is a buyer’s market?  A Buyer’s Market is when we have more homes for sale than buyers.  In this market buyers can leverage the over-supply of homes to their advantage and get very favorable terms such as lower prices, receive closing costs and can take their time with selection.  Buyer’s markets are often identified with a depressed market or declining market and the obvious signs are very few offers in a buyer’s market – best offer is the only offer you received and it’s really low.

So what exactly is seller’s market?  A Seller’s Market is when we have fewer homes for sale than buyers.  In this market sellers can leverage the under-supply of homes to their advantage and get very favorable terms such as higher prices, pay little to no closing costs for the buyers and get quick turnarounds.  Seller’s markets are often identified with a real estate market that is improving and/or getting hot, with multiple offers in a seller’s market – pick the best of many offers received and often they are over the asking price as buyers are competing.

Another way we track whether we are in a buyer’s or seller’s market is our current monthly supply of inventory.  This market statistic demonstrates how many months of supply would be left if no other seller placed his house on the market.  The breakdown would be the following:

1 to 5 months = seller’s market – price is appreciating

5 to 8 months = balanced or normal market – price is stable

8 months and more = buyer’s market – price is depreciating

So how are we doing in North and South Carolina?  Reviewing the last 12 months ending October, 2013 for single-family homes and condo/townhomes for a few areas in NC and SC:

  • Charlotte, NC = 5.5 months with our best month in 2013 of 4.4 months
  • Triad Region, NC (Asheboro, Burlington, Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem) = 9.5 months with our best month in 2013 of 6.3 months
  • Triangle Region, NC (Raleigh area) = 4.8 months with best month in 2013 of 3.8 months
  • Greenville, SC = 6.7 months with our best month in 2013 of 5.6 months
  • Piedmont Regional SC (York, Lancaster County, Lake Wylie) = 6.9 monthswith our best month in 2013 of 5.4 months

As you can see from these numbers across the Carolinas, our trending for the last 12 months demonstrates we are moving out of a buyer’s market and into a healthy/balanced market, which means a great equilibrium for both sides of the transaction.  The monthly supply inventory numbers of 2009 thru 2012 were often double-digit numbers of 10 months and more indicating a strong buyer’s market for many years, with falling prices.  Now with these monthly supply inventory numbers decreasing into single-digit numbers, we are starting to see price appreciation in all of our markets.  A few of our markets are even starting to evolve into a seller’s market!

So what does all of this mean to you?  It means the NC and SC residential real estate market in 2013 showed solid improvement throughout the year and continues to build strength.  If you are thinking of buying a home, low interest rates and good pricing results in high affordability.  If you are thinking of selling your house, the improving market means more activity and better chances of market-value returns for your equity investment.

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Simply Thankful

Real Estate

Real Estate (Photo credit: wvhomes)

It feels wonderful to be back blogging again. I’ve been on hiatus from a very busy year, in which I’m simply thankful for, and I haven’t had the time to post.

It has been a very prosperous year for  my clients.  My sellers have been able to have their home values preserved, buyers have been enjoying low rates and lots of inventory, and I’ve been active in quite a few bidding wars and multiple offers.

It’s great to report that business has been good, homes have been selling, and buyers have been buying.  For this and so many other things, I am truly grateful.

Even with the approach of the holiday season, the real estate market in Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas  remain promising and steady.  Home values are increasing, rates are still at an all-time low, inventory is shrinking, and the cost to rent is climbing.

Yep!  I’ve decided that my hiatus is over.  Even though things have picked up for me tremendously,  I need to get back to sharing my experiences as a  professional real estate agent, licensed in the state of NC who works deep in trenches, with all who will listen.  Please feel free to visit my website!

Happy Father’s Day


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This weekend we honor fathers!  My children, my sisters, and I are excited to be honoring my husband, Danny Bland, and my father, Gene Thurman.  Both are such good men with big hearts and great impacts on a lot of lives.

My husband and father are and have been involved heavily in education in North Carolina on all levels.  I can say firsthand that they have truly affected the lives of so many students in this great state.  Happy Father’s Day to you both!

Anyway….how did it all start?  (Father’s Day, that is).  Well, I posted a blog last month about the origin of Mother’s Day so it’s only fitting to do the same for all the terrific fathers out there.

Father’s Day is every third Sunday in June and is a complement to Mother’s Day.  This day is set aside to glorify and honor fathers and paternal bonds.  The very first observance of Father’s Day took place in Fairmont, West Virginia on July 5, 1908.

It was organized by Mrs. Grace Golden Clayton, who wanted to celebrate the lives of the 210 fathers who had been lost in the Monongah Mining disaster several months earlier in Monongah, West Virginia, on December 6, 1907. It is possible that Clayton was influenced by the first celebration of Mother’s Day that same year, just a few miles away. Clayton chose the Sunday nearest to the birthday of her recently deceased father.  Unfortunately, the day was overshadowed by other events in the city, West Virginia did not officially register the holiday, and it was not celebrated again. Instead, credit for Father’s Day went to Sonora Dodd from Spokane, who invented independently her own celebration of Father’s Day just two years later, also influenced by Jarvis’ Mother’s Day.   However, Fairmont is now promoted as the “Home of the First Father’s Day Service”.

Please take time today to give reverence to all the fathers and father-figures in your life. Parenting is quite a challenging task and is by far the least recognized position you’ll ever have (if you become a parent).  Sometimes, we take those we love for granted and don’t speak often enough of our love, support, and gratitude.  Today, treat dads like the kings they are!  I know I will.  Thanks for reading.  🙂

Happy Father’s Day!

North Carolina’s Scotty McCreery Wins American Idol!

American Idol

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North Carolina did it again!  What a big win for Scotty McCreery and Garner (a Triangle, NC community).  After 100 million votes from fans, Scotty won the 10th season of American Idol.  His country tunes and spiritual personality certainly stole my heart as I’m sure it did for a lot of you as well.

Only 16 years old  from Garner, North Carolina, he is yet another talented young person to score big with American Idol.  Other Top 10 Idol picks from North Carolina include:

  • Clay Aiken (Raleigh) Season #2- runner up
  • Fantasia Barrino (High Point) Season #3- winner
  • Bucky Covington (Rockingham) Season #5- 8th place
  • Kellie Pickler (Albemarle) Season #5- 6th place
  • Chris Daughtry (McLeansville) Season #5- 4th place
  • Anoop Desai (Chapel Hill) Season #8- 6th/7th place

Scotty McCreery and the others have done North Carolina proud!  Keep singing Scotty with your anointed, soulful voice.  You give country music a new vibe and we’re praying for a magnificent career.  Your voice is a blessing and we’re all proud of you.  I am!! 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day!


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In the United States, we celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May.  It’s a day when mothers get lavished with presents and attention.  Families get together to honor their generations of moms.

I’m very excited about spending time with my children and family this Mother’s Day, May 8, 2011, not to do anything fancy, but just to enjoy the time with my children and family.  Watching them play and laugh is spiritual to me.  I’m honored that God chose me to carry out a very important mission called motherhood.  It’s not easy at all, though, but it’s worth it.

I’m very anxious and saddened too this year.  This will be my first Mother’s Day without my mother, Joyce Thurman, who died on July 19, 2010 and received her wings in Heaven.  She was a great mother and she loved children!  I miss her, but I know she’s watching over us every moment.  That gives me joy.

Anyway, I wanted to start this post to honor all the moms out there.  We do so much as mothers and expect so little.  We’re doctors, preachers, counselors, tutors, judges, chauffeurs, chefs, friends, teachers, stylists, cheerleaders, maids, and the list goes on.  We do what we do each day, knowing that the reward is unconditional love and raising intelligent, honorable, and God-fearing young men and women.

Moving on…  I would like to talk about who originated the idea of Mother’s Day in the United States.   It was Anna Jarvis, who loved her mother, Mrs. Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis, very much.  Ann Maria devoted much of her life as a humanitarian to improve sanitary and health conditions to so many people over several states.  However, Ann died in 1905 when Anna was only 41 years old.  Anna adored her mother’s mission and life’s work.

After her mother’s death, Anna never married, and ended up caring for her blind sister, Ellsinore.  She missed her mother terribly and thought that more people should honor their mothers while they’re still alive.  Anna wanted a day devoted to mothers to increase respect, love, and strengthen family bonds.  Isn’t that wonderful how she revered her mother and mothers everywhere?  If more people were that kind and caring as this family, the world would be a much better place.

Mothers  (fathers too) are very special people.  As a mother of three lovely, charismatic children (Lorin, Logan, and Jonathan), I changed greatly as a person.  I saw life through a different filter.  I also gained a greater respect for my belated mother (way before she died) and the impact that she had on my life and the lives of so many others.  She was a great educator in Maryland and North Carolina and impacted the lives of so many children.  Personally, I was a piece of work as a child.  I remember calling my mom several times during adulthood, begging for her forgiveness for some of my childhood days.  (It’s true!)  Anyway, may God bless and watch over all the mothers out there and continue to give us the wisdom that we need to rear our children, run our households, and respect our husbands.  Amen.  Happy Mother’s Day!

Ranch with Bonus on Acre Lot! Youngsville, NC

One Level Living Ranch with BONUS!

An immaculate double-wide, manufactured (mobile home) on a leveled, acre lot.

60 Emily Lane, Youngsville, NC 27596

MLS #1768013

Offered at $107,000, this wonderful manufactured home is nestled away in Youngsville, located in Franklin County, North Carolina.  Minutes from Raleigh, NC, it’s a very easy commute to city jobs and much more that Raleigh offers.  Not only it this home close to Raleigh, it’s also minutes away from two well-known farms that attract school field trips from all over the state ~ Hill Ridge Farm, located in Youngsville as well, and Vollmer Farm, located in Bunn, NC.

Features and Description of this Home:

Offered at $107,000! Very well maintained home with separate living room (18×13) and family room (19×13) for entertaining and spending quality time with family and friends. Not only does it house 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths, but it also includes a bonus room (12.5×10). This flex room can be used a variety of ways, such as an office, playroom, hobby room, workout room, etc. However, there’s not a closet in this room, so it’s not considered or meant to be a bedroom.

Moving on … new laminate flooring was just added in the open, spacious kitchen area, which includes lots of cabinets/storage.  All kitchen appliances convey.  Off of the kitchen is a utility/mudroom, inclusive of a washer and dryer! As a split bedroom by design, you can have your own private retreat in your extra large master bedroom (17×13).  Located on a level lot of .99 acres, a storage building conveys as well!

Gallery of Pictures:

Photo 1 of: 60 Emily Lane  Photo 2 of: 60 Emily Lane  Photo 5 of: 60 Emily Lane  Photo 6 of: 60 Emily Lane  Photo 7 of: 60 Emily Lane

 Photo 8 of: 60 Emily Lane  Photo 10 of: 60 Emily Lane  Photo 17 of: 60 Emily Lane

Click here for more detailed information about this wonderful property!

Tornadoes in the Carolinas




For the past couple weeks, we’ve been dealing with devastating tornadoes and strong storms.  Our state is no stranger to hurricanes; however, these tornadoes,  in my opinion, are by far nail biters to say the very least!

Living in the coastal region of the state half of my life, I’ve road out some terrible, destructive hurricanes, which I always thought was the end of the world (as a child).

I must say, however, with these storm and tornado outbreaks lately, I have been pretty shaken by them. I’m sure my friends and neighbors are as well.  My household didn’t get very much sleep last evening.  Stress and anxiety levels were high.

It broke my heart this morning to see my middle child’s fear and anxiety.  She definitely displayed physical symptoms of distress.   Even though I had my own on the inside,  I encouraged her that all would be okay because we prayed and we are strong.

Certainly protect yourselves and your homes from the threat of violent weather.  Get into an interior room or closet with pillows and blankets (mattresses, if possible).  If you have a basement, that’s the very best place to be.

Please, please, as you go through these passing storms, take time out to pray and please check on the children‘s needs first.  You can always rebuild, if it comes to that, but as a parent, my children’s emotional state is far more important.

Through it all, North Carolina is an awesome place to live. No matter where you are, there’s always going to be natural disasters. Take care of your families and self.  I’ve talked to people all over since the terrible tornadoes we had a couple weekends ago, and stress levels are very high.

I wish everyone comfort and peace and restful nights. Thanks for reading my thoughts.

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