Selling Your Home? How to Prepare:

Are you looking to sell your home now or in the future?  Most people ask me where to start or should I sell?  Those are very good and important questions if you’re thinking of putting your home on the market.  Well, whether to sell or not depends on different factors:  your needs and financial situation, just to name a few.  If all signs are a go to sell, then here’s what to do!

Contact a real estate agent!

 A real estate agent is an invaluable source to any real estate transaction.  They help you in many ways such as creating a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis), advertising and marketing your home, market research, negotiating, networking, home maintenance and preparation tips, and so on.  They also provide great resources – financial partners, contractors, inspectors, builders,  etc.  They are chockfull of information and I’m not just saying that!  Here’s how your agent will help:

      1. Discuss agency (the relationship between agent and seller), which includes the agent’s role, loyalty,  and duties.
      2. Research the market in and around your area and pull comparable properties that are similar to your home.  I use pending properties to gauge at what buyers are willing to pay for now.  Using closed properties as comps help me to determine what buyers paid in specific time in the past.  I try to go 3 to 6 months back.
      3. Complete a seller’s net worksheet with you to help clearly define your financial ramifications of selling your property.
      4. Make sure you are prepared well for the experience – inspection, survey, staging tips, professional photography.  Also they are very knowledgeable and have established relationships with great contractors, financial institutions, and other pertinent resources.
      5. Make sure you have the appropriate documents to facilitate a smooth as can be transaction such as copies of deed, bank payoff statement,  tax information, utilities, survey, floorplan,  restrictive convenants, etc.
      6. A big factor is the marketing plans.  Real estate agents market and advertise your property in the appropriate and various forms of media – newspaper, internet, MLS, you tube, craigslist, social media, personal listing websites, etc.

You can see the value we add already!  This is just the short list of services we provide!


About Kecia Thurman Bland

Kecia Bland is a professional full-time licensed NC Real Estate Broker (since 2008) focused on providing excellent customer service and expertise for those interested in buying and selling real estate in the Greater Raleighs areas- the Triangle area, and surrounding counties- Wake, Durham, Johnston, Chatham, Franklin, and Granville. Kecia provides her clients with a pleasurable and smart real estate experience. View all posts by Kecia Thurman Bland

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