My Eyes Are Bigger Than My Stomach!

“Can I Please Have More Pie?”

“Can I please have more pie?”  should be a question that you ask a parent after dinner and not a financial professional.  It can get you into quite a jam!  How did the economy get into this mess?  Well, I think we all know the answer to that – greed from some financial institutions and our “eyes being bigger than our stomachs” thinking from consumers.  So what happened as a result?  Loan defaults led to financial crises, such as foreclosures, deed in lieu of foreclosure, short sale, and bankruptcy.  As a result, these financial distresses led to loss of homes, jobs, poor credit and other “sticky” situations.

However, there is evidence eluding to the nation coming out of a recession- the unemployment rate is decreasing, more job creation (“green jobs“), and real estate trends are improving (even a year after the tax credit ended).  March 2011 was awesome, and my real estate transactions are picking up. Buyer confidence is back and consumers are making smarter choices with spending.  About three years back, though, home buyers and financial institutions were thinking differently. Now, lots of people are having to rebuild their lives along with their credit.  The good news is that there is hope and help.

Like I said earlier, things are looking positive even though we still hear conflicting “headlines” from the media.  Remember, I’m not blogging to sell papers or to get ratings. I’m being truthful and giving you the facts.  I want my clients and consumers to be able to make educated and informed decisions.  Always do your research and look to someone you can “trust.”  My next blog will be about restoring credit and moving forward.  I will also touch on how we can make better financial decisions (at some point in the future) and pass them on to our children.  They’re always watching!  Until next time, be blessed!


About Kecia Thurman Bland

Kecia Bland is a professional full-time licensed NC Real Estate Broker (since 2008) focused on providing excellent customer service and expertise for those interested in buying and selling real estate in the Greater Raleighs areas- the Triangle area, and surrounding counties- Wake, Durham, Johnston, Chatham, Franklin, and Granville. Kecia provides her clients with a pleasurable and smart real estate experience. View all posts by Kecia Thurman Bland

5 responses to “My Eyes Are Bigger Than My Stomach!

  • roy

    Keep up the great work that God has bestowed on you my Sista. Amen! the facts, actual true facts are what counts. So many times people are duped, are have been duped to believe that if they get this and that, get rich quick scheme, and actually live beyond their means, and not invest wisely, quite naturally, their spending decisions will cause bad havoc in their households with their families.

    Best thing to do is (1) pray over any situation before you tackle it as a family, whether a big or small family (2) always look at the risks and the benefits. one weighs more value over the other. (3) most importantly, one should always ask themselves, do i really want that for my children to enjoy?

    Just practical wise business decisions can curb a lot of bad debt and trouble down the road whether it pertains to making bank loans, or buying homes, or even selling homes. There is always a silver lining of hope, and you are displaying that. I applaud you for doing this, and though, you may feel some negativity on occasions, still keep on keeping on, look up, because your redemption draweth night.

    Truth is marching on!!

  • roy

    Yes, i believe it was helpful. i think others have already expressed their sincere admiration for your work that God has given you to bestow. Remember to always give Him the glory, and honor, and just continue to put your best foot forward, and things tend to work themselves out.

    I know i’m learning to do that. Then and only then, will we know how much seeds we’ve planted or they’ve been germinated. That will show you are a willing worker for his harvest which we see day by day the laborers are few, but you are willing to roll up your sleeves daily, and work for the night is coming.

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