The Royal Couple: Home Sweet Home?

“Prince William & Kate”


With the impending royal wedding coming up on Friday, April 29, 2011, excitement builds, and billions plan to gawk in awe at the two, Prince William & Kate (pictured above, photo by Getty Images), exchange vows.

This is certainly the most exciting event of the year, if not bigger!  Why did I choose to speak of it on a real estate blog?  Well, they have to call a place home as well.  Right?  Not only am I interested in what’s going on in my neck of the woods, just like everyone else, I’m intrigued by real estate and happenings around the world.

(Ok …so …  Here’s a quick plug for myself:  I can help anyone, everywhere in the world make their next move by being a part of a powerhouse network, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®.  Don’t hesitate to ask me how me and my real estate team can help!)

Now, back to the royal couple’s new lifestyle.  According to AOL Real Estate, (article “Prince William and Kate to Flee City for Remote Home“), the couple will soon have their own  super ultra “green house” on 900 acres!

After Prince William and Kate Middleton get married on Friday, they will live in an apartment in the royal mansion, Clarence House, as AOL Real Estate reported last week in “Prince William and Kate to Live in Royal Mansion.” But, apparently, that is only when they’re in London. For now, they plan to continue living in a whitewashed farmhouse for which William pays around $1,200 a month, on the island of Anglesey, where William is based while serving as a Royal Air Force search and rescue pilot, according to London’s Daily Mail newspaper.

Once William finishes his three years of service, the new royal couple plans to spend the bulk of their first couple years of married life in a 6-bedroom green home that his father, Prince Charles, had built at Harewood Park in Herefordshire, a remote area of North Wales, says the Mail.

The home sits on a 900-acre estate bought by the Duchy of Cornwall, which also pays Prince Charles with his annual income, in 2000. Per Charles’s instructions, the new construction is eco-friendly, including a reed-bed sewage system, solar panels, and walls lined with wool insulation.

Wow!  What an amazing home.  Below you’ll find the campus layout of the couple’s remote home, Harewood Park Estate.  Can you imagine 900 acres?  Oh, the life of royalty! (Note:  The picture below was taken from Mail Online.)

In time: The couple are expected to move to Harewood Park Estate

 Absolutely fabulous home!  So, who’s going to watch the wedding?


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